Saturday, May 29, 2010

Starting a new blog/Ashlee's Wedding

I finally have time to sit down and do something for myself now that school is over. School ended on May 28th and now I will watch Jeter during the summer and get my room ready for next year. I will be teaching first grade at Hidden Hollow next year. I did fourth grade this year, so it will be quite a change, but I think it will be a good change.
My first year was a good experience and I wouldn't change anything about it. There were students that gave me a hard time, but I actually miss my fourth graders and my team. My team was amazing and they helped me out so much. I am going to miss Ridgeline, but I know that Hidden Hollow will be a great school too!

Ashlee got married on May 26, 2010. Ashlee and Tom looked so happy and it was a great day. The weather cooperated and it
turned out to be a beautiful day. They had their reception at Noah's on 10600. She looked so pretty and I am so happy she found Tom.

Tom was the best dancer. They looked so cute together.
Their cake was so pretty. Cakes by Dawna did her cake and did such a good job

All of Ashlee's pictures at the reception were done by Afton Huntley. Her blog is


  1. Wow, look at you go. Way to start your summer break. I'm impressed. So proud of you for completing your first year of teaching and surviving. You did an amazing job. Here's to a great summer of fun and relaxing. Love you-

  2. yay lohren! glad you're blogging again. miss all you girls!

  3. Lohren you are so cute!!! Thank you for your comment. I am excited we can stay in touch too! Put up more pictures I want to see more of you and your honey. PS your look beautiful on your wedding day (even though its like a 1/4 of your face).